Future of IoT devices- What is waiting for us in the coming years?

We can find an evolving and diverse digital landscape every year. From tabs to laptops, everything has become internet-connected devices. Moreover, you may also find Smart technologies in your door locks, toasters, toys, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and other home appliances. With the release of these Smart appliances, we have become familiar with the Internet of Things or IoT. Any device, connecting to the internet and sharing data, use IoT. Furthermore, Home thermostats, Smart speakers, and other devices have made our life more convenient.

The devices, designed with IoT technologies, have sensors for communicating with Cloud. While the Cloud receives the data, the software system helps in processing it. The overall system can act without involving the users. We can find an increasing use of IoT devices for personal and business purposes. Although IoT has gained high popularity, we are going to find something new related to this technology in the coming days.


Future of IoT – A rough prediction

The number of IoT devices, manufactured every year, is increasing. At present, we can find billions of things connected to the internet. International Data Corporation has predicted that sensors, machines, and other IoT devices will produce almost 79.4 Zettabytes of data by the year 2025.


An increasing number of smart cities in the coming years

Some of us think that IoT devices are useful only for personal purposes. However, corporate bodies and cities have also adopted these smart technologies as the best money-saving and timesaving option. Thus, you will find a growing number of cities for automating data, managing it, and collecting it remotely through camera surveillance systems, visitor kiosks, and bike rental stations.


Faster and better IoT growth due to 5G Networks  

Most of the wireless carriers will have 5G or fifth-generation networks. This latest network ensures higher speed and better ability to connecting several smarter gadgets simultaneously.

The faster performance of networks will result in a smoother and better collection of data. This data will also become easily manageable. Moreover, it will also promote innovation in various organizations, manufacturing IoT devices. The consumers will look for newer products due to these innovations. 


Cars will turn out to be smarter and technologically more sophisticated

The release of the 5G network will cause a significant transformation to the automobile industry. You can find the innovation of driverless vehicles and some connected cars. We have already noticed these connected vehicles. The faster movement of data is one of the advantages obtained by these fantastic cars.


We may not compare our car to an IoT device. However, the newly released, modern vehicles will start analyzing the data. Moreover, you may link your cars with different IoT devices and other available high-tech four-wheelers. 


More addiction to the tech connections 

The increasing use of IoT based gadgets is one of the clear predictions of this technology. The tech-savvy users will also become highly obsessed with these IoT devices. Due to the benefits and convenience, enjoyed for this technology, modern devices have become highly popular.


Moreover, the latest technology helps the users to track data for security and safety. Based on the data, the users will be able to make a decision. Both the adults and kids would become highly attracted to IoT devices.


Reducing the issues from traffic congestion on the highway

Congestion and heavy traffic are a very common problem for metropolitan areas. We have found IoT, already started tackling this issue. Tel Aviv is one of the highly populated cities in this world. Shuttles and buses always make the road busy. However, most of us have a busy lifestyle, and we face inconvenience due to it. Although you can use that lane, it can cost you a penny. 


Hence, the asphalt roads have sensors integrated into them. These sensors are capable of picking up the license plate of drivers and charging them.

Another advantage of the technology is that it enables the drivers to find out the empty space in a parking lot. There is no need to drive around the road to find the right spot. 


Work more smartly- Reduce your effort

The major intention behind using IoT technology at a workplace is to give comfort and convenience to the workers. Advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence will make the work environment more intelligent. Smart IoT devices will also have the capability of maintaining a proper AC temperature level in different rooms of your office. The favorable temperature inside the office will also make the workers more energetic. Although it may not be easy to adopt Smart office, you will get several advantages from it.

Thus, we have discussed the potentials of IoT devices in the future. The technology may cause a few security issues. However, the positive outcomes will supersede those demerits. IoT will gain a prominent position in our personal and corporate life.

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