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Getting a Flutter based application from Xcitech Technologies is like a ride-on toy that is easy on the budget. 

Our team of Flutter Developers powers amazing apps on Android and iOS, and it’s coming soon to Web—write once, run everywhere.

  • Augment your existing team
  • Get end-to-end mobile app solution
  • Get consultancy from industry experts
  • Have complete ownership of the source code
  • Hassle-less development process
  • Continuous deployment cycle

Why Should You Choose Flutter For Your App?

Flutter helps developers and designers to create beautiful native apps at high speed. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source. Noticeable features of Flutter are as follow:

1. Reduce Development Time

Flutter helps you to reduce your overall development time due it’s cross-platform capabilities. Build app for Android & iOS in same amount of time.

2. Native-like Performance

When using Flutter, coders notice a significant increase in performance compared to similar technologies without any compromise elsewhere.

3. Custom and Animated User Interface

With built-in design-centric widgets, high-end development tools, advanced APIs, etc., Flutter helps in the creation of stunning and expressive user interfaces.

4. Growing Flutter Community

There are meetups, slack, discord and public groups with developers supporting each other and challenging one another to grow and be better.

1. Select Resource

We submit resumes of our best flutter developers based on your requirements and complexity of the project.

4 Easy Steps To Hire Our Dedicated Flutter Developer

2. Schedule Interview

Schedule interview with shortlisted resources to verify their expertise and capabilities for your project.

3. Onboarding

Introduce our developer to your existing team and align him with his responsibilities and your expectations for the project.

4. Deliver and Deploy

Our developer will stay with you till the delivery and deployment of your application to Apple App and Android Play Stores.

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